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loanDepot Has a 150-Day Rate Lock for Those Who Want Today’s Rates This Summer

I came across a flyer today from loanDepot advertising a 150-day rate lock for borrowers interested in today’s mortgage rates, who are worried (like everyone else) that they’ll be a […]


Today’s Mortgages Are Not Your Older Sibling’s Mortgages

While pundits and fusspots continue to question whether we’re headed for another housing bubble, consider this: The most recent mortgages were among the highest quality (lowest risk) since 2001. Indeed, […]


New Mortgage Rules Eliminate 60% of Today’s Loans

A pair of sweeping mortgage rules is expected to eliminate roughly 60% of today’s mortgages, according to a new analysis from CoreLogic. The so-called Qualified Mortgage (QM) and Qualified Residential […]